Joining 15 Agency

15 Agency are always on the lookout for positive and proactive artists who are reliable and enthusiastic to participate in a variety of casual opportunities in the film and television industry.

We represent actors, models, creatives, and influencers of all ages. Our door is open to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and cultural backgrounds with all sorts of skills, hobbies and experience.

We want to work with passionate and aspirational actors who are willing to develop and invest in themselves and we work hard to try get you booked as much as possible.

15 Agency uses the latest technology to provide you with full transparency and clear communication on all bookings. You can update your online profile at any time. Each of our talent receives castings and opportunities in real time from our database of industry contacts. These opportunities range from television and film to commercial, music video, runway, print and promotional castings and gigs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful things you need to know before signing up with 15 Agency.
1How much is it to join 15 Agency?
Unlike most Agencies, we do not charge a joining fee. It is free to join 15 agency on a 12 Month Exclusive Term with 15 Agency.
2Can anyone join 15 Agency?
Yes, our books are open to all artists with different experience levels. The Film, TV and Advertising industry needs a cross section of personalities, ethnicities, ages, faces, body shapes with all sorts of skills, hobbies and experiences. Having a great attitude, being reliable, having transport and of course, being legally allowed to work in New Zealand is crucial for this type of casual work. Families are also highly sought after, so everyone in your Whānau is welcome to join - Mum, Dad, Siblings and Grandparents!
3What ages does 15 Agency represent?
We represent a wide range of ages! Children from newborns to teenagers and families of all ages including mums, dads and grandparents! Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardians permission to join and they must be the contact person.
4Do I have to pay Commission and Tax?
In exchange for representing you and sourcing you opportunities in the film and television industry, we take a 10% commission + GST from each payment you earn via 15 Agency. This is in addition to your income tax deductions. We are required by the law to deduct income tax from your earnings, which is usually 20%. For information on your tax obligations, please view the IRD website or chat to your accountant.
5Can I belong to more than one Agency?
No, you cannot be represented by another Agency while being represented by 15 Agency.
6Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, we have an exclusive agreement that you sign when you join the agency. This is a legally binding document that protects everyone involved (that means you too!). The agreement is for a period of twelve months, as this gives us plenty of time to put your forward for suitable opportunities. The agreement can be terminated at any time by mutual consent because after all, sometimes things just don’t work out.
7How much work will I get?
The truth is that we have no idea, as it all depends on your suitability to a role and a client’s requirements, as well as your own availability and interest in the opportunities that arise. One thing we guarantee is that we work hard to try to get you placed as much as possible. If a suitable brief comes in, we make sure the right people see your portfolio. The rest is up to you!
8What if I already work full time?
That's no problem! Many of our Artists have full time jobs. However, if you do work full time, you will need an element of flexibility to be able to take leave at short notice to attend auditions and/or filming. The film industry rarely works during weekends and Film & TV shows require a big commitment, so you'll have more luck securing work if you have an adaptable schedule.
9Do I need professional photos?
It's not a requirement, but professional photos definitely help your chances of being cast in this competitive industry. If you would rather take your own photos, make sure they are clear and simple shots with natural light, no sunglasses or hats, no other people in your photo, and no filters. Productions want to see the real you!
10Do I need my own Transport?
Yes, access to transport is very important. This industry often has early starts and can shoot on locations where public transport isn't available so being able to get to your booking on time is crucial.