The TV Commercial Audition Process










Audition Notifications
– 15 Agency get asked to submit Talent on an almost daily basis for different roles. Our clients send us the TV, Film or Photo role details and we review our talent database for the right people and if you are the right age range, ethnicity, skill or experience, then we submit you. (if you are close enough to the description they require – we will submit you). Its vitally important to have as much information about yourself, recent photos and measurements, so we can present you to the casting directors accurately.

Audition Selection
– If the Casting Director says YES to you, then  we will send you an email or a text which has all the information such as Role/Audition time/Day. (Usually we can’t change that time – but contact us if you really cant get there, then well try). 

– To get asked to a first audition, means you are likely in the top 15-20 people for that role – out of many people, that agencies submit. 
– Its really important to carefully check the SHOOT dates and read ALL the information thoroughly and let us know immediately if there is an issue. We send you as much info as possible and it is ALL confidential. 

Going to the Audition
– Auditions at the Casting Companies are normally in the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn/Central City area, week days or weekend (Usually between 10am-6pm – auditions take 10 minutes plus your travel time).

– There is no fee paid to you for a first audition, but if you are called back for a second audition, then a recall fee is payable to you ($40 nett)– unless you get the actual part, in which case you would be paid the full fee once the jobs done. 

– When you arrive (be a few minutes early) as you have to fill in a form with your name, physical details for wardrobe purposes, confirm again other things such as Availability for shoot days. Take along the information we sent you including script or storyboard, so you remember what TVC, role, time, etc.









Doing the Audition
– Getting an audition means you have the right something – face, body or skill. Whilst no experience is required, you must be positive in front of the camera and follow the casting directors instructions – they may ask you to do a few actions or say a few lines…..Own it !

You may be surprised at how many life experiences that you can easily apply to a role – it really comes down to the right look and enough self confidence.

– Dress for the role as much as you can, it helps to put you in character and improves your chances of getting selected. 

– You will be photographed and videoed so they can show your performance to the TV Commercial director, the client, the producer and the advertising agency, they all have influence in who gets selected.

– Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the part, an experienced local Casting Director said “Theres a role for everyone”. You may have to attend a few auditions to get the hang of it – most of our talent say how easy it was, once they have done the first one.

We always want your feedback once you have auditioned, so send a text, email or give us a call.