Want to Join ?



Main Points to consider when joining:

* We are looking for positive, fun and talented people to participate – the industry needs a cross section of ethnicities, ages, faces, body styles and all sorts of skills, hobbies and experiences. If you have acting or live performance experience, that is a bonus.

* Families are also highly sort after, so get everyone to join, Mum Dad, Bro, Sis and the Grandparents.

* Joining means you are agreeing to a 12 Month Exclusive Term with 15 Agency (Click here for our Terms and Conditions)

* This is casual work –  we cant guarantee you any work, but we try to get you placed as much as possible

* A 10%+gst commission is retained by 15 Agency (other Agencies charge 20%)

* You can update your online profile 24/7

* Minors (Under 18) must have parent/guardian permission and must be the contact person – families are welcome to join

* You must be VERY reliable and have transport to attend jobs and auditions

* You are asked to attend Auditions  for our clients mid week or weekend (Usually between 10am-5pm normally 10 minutes only). If you aren’t available, let us know as soon as possible.

* We are currently only accepting registrations from people living in Auckland and Wellington.



Auckland Office : Neil – 021 444901