– Get a family member or friend to take your photos (dont do selfies !) – better still ‘buddy up’ and take each others photos and both join together.

– Take lots of photos and then pick the best ones – often you might be moving, and looking away, blinking, etc, so it might take you numerous shots to get 1 good one for each pose.

– We need a range of simple, but great head shots, head to waist and full body length.

– Shoot in a well lit room although you can shoot outside as well ( A dull overcast day can actually be quite good)

– Use your own digital camera or even a mobile phone camera, please shoot against a plain, preferably white background.

– If you wear glasses take additional photos without your glasses also.

– Make sure its your complete head, don’t chop off the top or side of your head in the shot.

– Please DO-NOT wear make-up, sunglasses or hats.

– The photos need to be in COLOUR with no computer effects or re-touching.

– You can regularly update your photos by logging in to your account.

– The only people who see the shots are our clients and us (we don’t show them publicly)

– We check them before making them live in our system.

– Neutral clothing (not busy patterns), neutral uncluttered plain background.

– Even light within the room or if outside ideally with some natural light reflection.

– Shoot straight into the face (and look straight back into the camera).

– Dont photograph angling down or up, just even with the face.

– Eyes are really important.

– It is a bit of an art to getting a good headshot, so if you have trouble with photos, don’t worry, contact us and we will assist.

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