How to Do A Self Tape

Self Tape Submission Info for Actors

It is practical to have someone helping you film your self tape audition.


Please make sure a completed casting form is sent in with each self tape (if requested).

1. ID: Tape a close up of the actor holding a sheet of paper with the following on it: – Name – Agency  – Height in feet and inches AND cm – All in the accent required in the tape – e.g. “Joe Bloggs, 15 Agency, 6 foot 1, 185cm” – no other info or chat.
2. At the END, pull out to show a full body shot (no side profiles)



1. Tape from shoulders up, close to camera – NO – hats, sunglasses or gum.

2.  Make sure you have a reader in the room, reading the off lines. No pre-recorded lines please. They should be standing opposite you and speaking softly in order not to overshadow the actor.

3.  No other person should be seen on camera.

4. Please have your reader close to the camera so your eye line is towards the lens, but NOT looking directly into the lens of the camera.



In Quicktime. mov, or .mp4, of a reasonable quality and manageable file size and of a decent resolution. Ideally less than 50MB and definitely no bigger than 100MB

1. Name the file with your name e.g. Joe Bloggs

2. It should be one movie file for all takes, not multiple files

3. Either Widescreen (16:9) or 4:3 format is acceptable but widescreen is preferred

4. DO NOT submit via YouTube where it might be seen by the wider public. Please send us a link via We Transfer, Vimeo, Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive etc…

5. Please make sure there is a download option

6. Send the completed casting form and self tape to



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