How to Do A Self Tape

Self Tape Submission Info for Actors

Updated AUGUST 2019

CASTING FORM:  Please make sure a completed casting form is sent in with each self tape.

Use the App Evernote Scannable to send us your casting form if you don’t have access to a scanner. Please avoid taking a photo of your casting form where possible.
ID: Tape a close up of the actor holding a sheet of paper with the following on it: – Name – Agency  – Height in feet and inches AND cm
In the ID say name and height in feet and inches AND cm – all in the accent required in the tape – e.g. “Joe Bloggs, 6 foot 1, 185cm” – no other info or chat.
At the END, pull out to show a full body shot (no side profiles)

– Tape from shoulders up, close to camera – NO – hats, sunglasses or gum.

– Make sure you have a reader in the room, reading the off lines. No pre-recorded lines please. They should be standing opposite you and speaking softly in order not to overshadow the actor.

– No other person should be seen on camera.

– Please have your reader close to the camera so your eye line is towards the lens, but NOT looking directly into the lens of the camera.


FILE FORMAT:  In Quicktime. mov, or .mp4, of a reasonable quality and manageable file size and of a decent resolution. Ideally less than 50MB and definitely no bigger than 100MB

– Name the file with your name e.g. Joe Bloggs

– It should be one movie file for all takes, not multiple files

– Either Widescreen (16:9) or 4:3 format is acceptable but widescreen is preferred

– DO NOT submit via YouTube where it might be seen by the wider public.

– Please send us a link via Vimeo, Dropbox, Hightail, GoogleDrive etc…

– Please make sure there is a download option

Send the completed casting form and self tape to


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